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Darius Southerland, better known as King D Son, was born and raised in the heart of Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. Darius resided in a broken home, raised without a father figure, and born the last of six children.  Circumstances in his childhood caused the "need" to grow up very quickly.  Darius endured numerous hardships during his upcoming as well as adult life.  After an unforgettable encounter with what would have been called life's tragedy, other avenues were well on their way to turn Darius into the prospering soul he'd sought out to be. 


Darius decided to independently write songs and record his own music. Darius' music is based on life issues that he would face before and after the death of his older brother in 2004. Darius' continued motivation for music was primarily based on the feedback he received from produced music for other artist that also endured "the trenches of everyday life and reality," and others that too have lost siblings and/or loved ones to the streets. 

Darius' continued progression in life allowed him to become very successful.  Darius evolved his artwork  and independent musical career to a much more expanded and business minded level. Along the journey, there were a few artist that ignited his drive and decisions; some of the celebrities that Darius obtain the opportunity to learn from and work with are Lyfe Jennings, Young Bleed of No Limit Records, Kenyatta Griggs, 3-6-Mafia, Band Play, just to name a few.  Other artists, such as Young Jeezy, Tupac Shakur, and aforementioned above, are some of the deeply rooted souls, that are personal influences, which deemed to be a big help in guiding his passion to further pursue his career.

Darius, also called King, has managed, written and produced a couple of independent motion films pertaining to the struggles throughout his life, both in and out of streets.  People who've lived similar lifestyles, observed these lifestyle, as well as worked those who acknowledged these  lifestyles, will have the ability to relate to some of the experiences in the movies produced. Darius is an up and coming mogul, be on the lookout for him as he is currently in the process of producing another movie called "Surrounded by Failure."